About us

Block Sidewalk was started by a group of about 30 Torontonians who care deeply about the city and its future. What we all share is a belief that democracy is not for sale. That group includes: Nasma Ahmed, Sam Burton, April Dunford, Jennifer Evans, JJ Fueser, Milan Gokhale, Melissa Goldstein, Javier Moreno, Saadia Muzaffar, Ana Serrano, Mariana Valverde, Thorben Wieditz, David Murakami Wood, and Bianca Wylie.  Today, dozens of organizations and well over 1000 Torontonians have joined the call to #BlockSidewalk, and community groups taking on Big Tech around the world have voiced their solidarity and support. 

Campaign Values

Urban planning is something that happens between Torontonians and the City, focused on the public interest.
Development should benefit the people of Toronto and should respond to the needs of Torontonians as expressed by Torontonians.
Development should prioritize city needs first, not the needs and interests of a private corporation.