BlockSidewalk letter to Waterfront Toronto's Board

To:      The members of Waterfront Toronto’s Board of Directors
CC:     Mayor John Tory

In July, a group of “30 civic leaders” in Toronto added their names to a public letter circulated by the Toronto Regional Board of Trade (TRBOT), aided by Sidewalk Labs, calling for Torontonians to support the Sidewalk Labs proposal. The letter reduced concerns with the project to “details” around “data governance…and a final path to rapid transit financing.”

Torontonians’ concerns about Sidewalk Labs’ proposed test bed on public waterfront land, however, move well beyond “details,” and by the time TRBOT published its letter, expressions of concern had already outnumbered expressions of unreserved support by a large margin. 

#BlockSidewalk, a community campaign to make sure that the Eastern waterfront is developed in the public interest, has collected and curated a number of concerns articulated publicly by Toronto-area residents and organizations, written in their own words and made public at their own behest.  The authors speak from a wide range of different perspectives, walks of life and political persuasions, but all evidence thoughtfulness, care and a commitment to the future of our city. 

You can access the document here: A tapestry of concerns: Public statements by 65+ Toronto-area individuals and organizations on Sidewalk Labs’ proposed test-bed neighbourhood on Toronto’s waterfront.

As you prepare to make one of the most important decisions in Waterfront Toronto's history, we want to make sure you keep these voices in mind.

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