In October, we sent six questions about the Sidewalk Labs development to candidates for Federal Election in the ridings of Spadina-Fort York, Toronto-Danforth, Toronto-Centre and Beaches-East York.  The questions were:

  1. Are you in favour, against, or undecided regarding the Sidewalk Labs proposal for our Toronto waterfront?
  2. Have you had discussions with Sidewalk Labs, Google or Alphabet since 2016? How many times and on what topics?
  3. Do you believe it is important for our governments to protect people with strong, modern, privacy and data governance laws before a plan that proposes widespread data collection on our city streets is evaluated or approved?
  4. Sidewalk Labs has responded to Waterfront Toronto’s RFP for a 12-acre site with a proposal for 190 acres of publicly owned waterfront land. Do you believe it is appropriate for the agency to entertain proposals for public assets that have not been put out for bidding?
  5. In the US, 50 state attorneys-general are attempting to break up Alphabet to reduce its market power. Do you think helping Alphabet gain a foothold in Canada makes sense in this context?  Why or why not?
  6. While Waterfront Toronto has the initial power to move the project forward, ultimately all three levels of government will be consulted before it finally is approved. If elected, what will you do to protect constituents’ interests and rights in relation to the Sidewalk Labs smart city project?

We have received responses from the following candidates.  Click the link to read the responses!

Federal NDP joint statement (Min Sook Lee (Toronto-Danforth, NDP), Brian Chang (Toronto-Centre, NDP) and Andrew Cash (Davenport))

Federal NDP report on Sidewalk Labs: Supplemental Report on Smart Cities and Democratic Rights

Additional responses:

Brian Chang (Toronto Centre, NDP)

Mae Nam (Beaches-East York, NDP) 

Adam Vaughan (Spadina-Fort York, Liberal)

Julie Dabrusin (Toronto-Danforth, Liberal)