Google's Record

Google & Co headlines – 2019 YTD

A non-exhaustive collection of news regarding Alphabet companies' dealings with governments, employees, communities (and customers!) around the world.

January 2019: Google fined for breaching EU data protection laws:  

February 2019: Google claims failure to tell customers about mic in Nest Guard system was mistake:

February 2019: Community group finds Google uses shell companies, NDAs, when seeking public subsidies to build data centres:

March 2019: Google fined for breaching EU anti-trust laws:

March 2019: Google pays millions to 2 execs accused of sexual harassment

April 2019: Google pays millions to St. Louis after abandoning fibre optic infrastructure project:

June 2019: Leader of Google worker protests quits after alleged retaliation by company:

June 2019: U.S. Justice department commences antitrust investigation of Google:

June 2019: Google reported to be top corporate lobbying spender in U.S.

July 2019: France to tax Google, Facebook despite U.S. trade threat

July 2019: Google's millions will transform San Jose, but at what true cost?

August 2019: Google contract workers vote to form union over employee discord over treatment:

August 2019: Google is helping to power a U.S. immigration cloud project, new documents show.

September 2019: Government orders Google: Let employees speak out.

September 2019: Google pays millions to settle claims of breach of US Child Privacy law (US):

September 2019: Google hit by antitrust probe by 50 U.S. state attorneys general

September 2019: 45 Google employees explain how they were retaliated against for reporting abuse:

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