Block Sidewalk,

Developing a waterfront for everyone is critical to the future of our city. I have followed your work and attended your public meeting at the Ralph Thornton Centre back in the summer where I had the opportunity to meet many of your volunteers and organizers. One of the most important messages that I heard was the need to make sure that “no” remains a strong option as Waterfront Toronto continues to evaluate the Sidewalk Labs proposal.  

Block Sidewalk has already had an impact to require greater transparency in the process.  I support their work in ensuring that the proposal has a rigorous review.

Waterfront Toronto has launched consultations and review of the proposal.  I agree with the concerns that were set out in the letter by Waterfront Toronto’s Board Chair, Stephen Diamond, which you can read here.

I am especially concerned by any indication that the Sidewalk Labs project would expand beyond Quayside, which was the location set out in the agreement.

I am continuing to advocate for the revitalization of our waterfront. In 2017 our government jointly committed $1.25 billion with the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto to renaturalize the mouth of the Don River. If re-elected I am committed to continue this work which will flood protect homes in Leslieville, provide safeguards for Lake Ontario, and create the opportunity to build housing and public spaces along our waterfront.

Beyond the work proposed by Sidewalk Labs, we also need to work on digital privacy issues across the board. I support strong data privacy laws in Canada. That is why we will move forward with Canada’s Digital Charter. Overseen and enforced by the Privacy Commissioner, the Charter will establish a new set of online rights, including the right to:

  • data portability, so that people can take their data from platform to platform; withdraw, remove, and erase basic personal data from a platform;
  • know how personal data is being used, including knowing who has access to it, supported by a national advertising registry where companies would have to report with whom your data is being shared or sold, with the ability to withdraw consent at any time; review and challenge the amount of personal data that a company or government has collected;
  • data security, compelling those who use personal data to take proactive steps to adequately protect it;
  • be informed when personal data is breached, and to be compensated accordingly;
  • and be free from discrimination online, including bias and harassment.

We will also introduce a Data Commissioner who will oversee large digital companies and help protect people's personal data.

Since 2015 I have met with Waterfront Toronto on various different subjects related to the Port Lands. I have confidence in their work and believe they represent the best interest of Torontontonians. I look forward to reviewing a final plan that is informed by consultation and evaluated by Waterfront Toronto staff.


Julie Dabrusin

Liberal Candidate for Toronto-Danforth


[email protected]


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