October 31st: What's next for Quayside?

On October 31, Google affiliate Sidewalk Labs was put back in its place.

We are no longer talking about a sprawling 190 acre proposal, a new Waterfront "public administrator" or an "urban data trust." Sidewalk Labs is, more or less, back where they started: proposing a vision for the 12-acre Quayside site.  This outcome required a concerted and sustained effort by civil society - not just a single master negotiator. 

While the October 31 “realignment” seems to have turned the tables and put the tri-government agency back in charge, however, our enthusiasm remains cautious.  We need to see that problematic clauses in the partnership agreement governing the relationship between Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto (the Plan Development Agreement (PDA)) have been amended or removed. We need to see what plan, exactly, is going forward for further public consultation.

Torontonians should not have had to go to such lengths.  Having witnessed Sidewalk Labs' behaviour over the last two years, we remain convinced this vendor is not the right partner to develop Toronto's waterfront.  Yet company spokespeople have said that Sidewalk Labs needs to scale up beyond Quayside, both to prove its concepts and to make a return on its investment.  Our work is not done.

Read Waterfront Toronto's public statement on the October 31st "realignment" here; read the full text of the amendments to the Project Development Agreement here.



On October 30, while attention was focused on negotiations between Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs, two Globe and Mail reporters gave us a glimpse of exactly how much further the company wanted to take its proposed test bed city. Sidewalk Labs' 2016 "yellow book," leaked to Globe and Mail, shows us what it could look like if "someone just gave [Alphabet] a city and put us in charge," the wish famously expressed by the then-executive chairman of Sidewalk Labs parent Alphabet in 2017. 

In the words of author Cory Doctorow, "[t]he plan calls for the creation of privately owned and regulated roads, charter schools in place of publicly administered schools, the power to levy and spend property taxes without democratic oversight, a corporate criminal justice system where the cops and judges work for Sidewalk Labs, and totalizing, top-to-bottom, continuous surveillance."


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