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Draft summaries from Waterfront Toronto's July consultations were released last week, and we were encouraged to see the large number and wide range of concerns over Sidewalk Labs' proposals expressed there.*

A common thread runs through the draft reports from almost every single breakout group and plenary session: a lack of trust in Sidewalk/Google, and concerns over the company's track record, its intentions, its immense influence/power and its behaviour in Toronto.  We concur.  

*We've heard from many of you that  the public consultations on Sidewalk Labs' Master Plan (MIDP) were not accessible or difficult to engage with.  We will continue to flag other ways to learn about and respond to Sidewalk Labs' plans (official consultations and community initiatives alike) through these channels.


Get ready for an action-packed fall.

A few weeks ago, Waterfront Toronto announced it would terminate its partnership with Sidewalk Labs/Google on October 31st if the company did not meet a few key conditions.  This is a significant development. 


Waterfront Toronto is a tri-government agency tasked with developing Toronto’s waterfront in the public interest.  The lack of public trust in the agency's "innovation partner" on display at public consultations is paralleled by Waterfront Toronto's increasingly strained relationship with Sidewalk Labs/Google.

Rather than moving forward into a long term relationship with this actor, #BlockSidewalk calls on Waterfront Toronto and its sponsors to terminate this controversial partnership and start over, placing the redevelopment of Quayside back under public control and moving forward with the interests and needs of Torontonians at heart.

Over the next 8-10 weeks, it is time for both individuals and organizations to make concerns with this project (and actor) loud and visible.  We will keep you posted about opportunities to do so through this newsletter and our other channels.  Right now:

1) If you're a member of an organization, please consider supporting our call to #BlockSidewalk, and telling us why (see for examples).  Contact us here:  We also welcome the opportunity to give brief presentations to groups who wish to learn more about community concerns with the project. 

2) #BlockSidewalk supporters are setting up meetings with city councillors to discuss concerns with the Sidewalk Labs proposal in September.  If you are interested in joining (and haven't contacted us yet), let us know:

Stay tuned for more!

If you participated in the Waterfront Toronto consultations and did not see your comments reflected accurately, please send in feedback by end of day on Monday, August 26th.


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