We've #BlockedSidewalk. It's time to build the waterfront we need.

What's next for Quayside? 

Over a year and a half ago, a group of diverse Torontonians came together to stop a Silicon Valley-driven vision of the city on our Waterfront, and to call for a re-set to planning work on the 12-acre Quayside. 

Alphabet/Google abandoned its controversial plans in May, and now, Waterfront Toronto is re-starting the planning process for the area.

Prior to designing a new Request for Proposals (RFP) for Quayside later this fall, Waterfront Toronto is asking residents to weigh in on whether its new priorities for the project are the right ones for Toronto.  We are encouraged to see the creation of affordable rental housing at the top of the organization's priority list. 

Links to Waterfront Toronto's survey, an upcoming Q&A session and future consultations are on the Quayside website: https://quaysideto.ca/get-involved/public-consultation/. The survey closes this Friday, October 23rd.

As we know from experience, it is critically important to provide input on a project before an RFP is put out, to increase the likelihood that the project will indeed address community priorities.  This is a step that Waterfront Toronto skipped when procuring for Quayside the first time around.  Please take the opportunity to let the agency know what you think needs to happen on our waterfront to help make sure we get it right this time!

#BlockSidewalk campaign archive

Our campaign accomplished its objectives, thanks to a very long list of people and organizations! But organizing efforts to maintain public control over our communities and over decisions regarding how and when to use technologies in them must and do continue, in Toronto and around the world.  For these efforts, we will archive our story, including these newsletters, on blocksidewalk.ca, as well as on our twitter and facebook accounts.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed residents can change the world.

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