Sidewalk Labs wants land discount worth $500 million: Globe & Mail


Two significant developments over the past week:

1) The $500 million question.  A story broken by @alexbozikovic at the Globe and Mail estimated last week that Sidewalk Labs' "proposed deal asks governments to give up $500-million in real-estate value to make it work." According to real estate industry sources consulted in the article, this represents an estimated markdown of more than 50% in the value of this prime, publicly owned waterfront land. And more than half of this land (Villiers West), the article notes, is not currently on the market.

2) Final reports on public consultations. The final report from the first round of public consultations on Sidewalk Labs' Master Plan was released late last week.  Our hot take: few participants expressed unreserved support for the plan in its current form, while many expressed significant reservations or distrust, particularly where the over-reach of Sidewalk Labs' proposals was concerned.  Most breakout groups raised concerns about Alphabet's/Google's/Sidewalk Labs' track record, market power and/or trustworthiness; some noted that other vendors could deliver (or were already delivering) comparable innovations.

The distrustful tone of the public consultations echoed a Forum poll in July that found a majority of respondents neither wanted to live in the development, nor trusted Google with residents' data.

Waterfront Toronto has set a deadline of October 31st for the company to address "certain foundational issues that need to be resolved before we invest in a full evaluation."


Communities are organizing around the impact of big tech developments across the world.  When Sidewalk Labs CEO Dan Doctoroff gave a Times Talk in New York last week about the company's plans in Toronto, allies in New York were able to share some of Torontonians' concerns with audience members through an informational leaflet.  We reached out to the reporter interviewing Doctoroff to suggest potential questions, and she raised two (including the question about Sidewalk Labs' bid for "discounted" land) in their discussion.

#BlockSidewalk supporters are continuing to meet with their elected officials and community groups about concerns with the project.  Contact us if you want to participate or arrange a meeting:


This week:

Wednesday, September 25: Friends of Canadian Broadcasting are hosting a panel discussion exploring the impact of big tech on our democracy - including Google/Sidewalk Labs, Airbnb and Facebook - featuring Lilian Radovac, Bahar Shadpour and Nicole Cohen, following a screening of "Digital Disconnect,". 7-9 PM, Revue Cinema. Register HERE.

Save the date:

Tuesday, October 1: Good Jobs for All forum/panel: "Update on Google’s plan for our waterfront … and what it means for the future of our city." 5:30-8:30, 25 Cecil St. (Steelworkers Hall).  Speakers will include: Councillor Paula Fletcher (Ward 14), Jack Poulson (Tech Inquiry), Kumsa Baker (Toronto Community Benefits Network), Alejandra Ruiz Vargas (Acorn), Nigel Bariffe (Urban Alliance on Race Relations).  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 3: Amazon Web Services Summit in Toronto - opportunity for solidarity with U.S. campaigns.  *stay tuned.*

Friday, October 4: Not My Utopia, co-presented by @EthicsAILab at U of T and Ryerson @RyersonIMA.  Will screen three "Public Service Announcements" on Toronto's Smart City project by #BlockSidewalk supporter Zeesy Powers.

If you have initiatives you'd like us to share, let us know:


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