Time to stop Google/Sidewalk's land grab!


1) Please join us at Waterfront Toronto's October 24th Board meeting to stop the land grab! We would like at least 50 #BlockSidewalk supporters there. Please email [email protected] to RSVP.

2) Please sign and circulate Amnesty Canada's call to action around surveillance at the Sidewalk Labs project! Can we get 500 #Blocksidewalk supporters to sign this and share with their networks?

October 15: Image from Amnesty Canada's letter writing campaign "Speak out About Smart City Human Rights Concerns"



Land Grab: Waterfront Toronto has scheduled a special meeting of its board at 12:15 on October 24th - right after the committee overseeing the Quayside bid will meet.  Press reports (see below) indicate Sidewalk Labs is pressing Waterfront Toronto and Mayor Tory hard for additional public waterfront land not included in Waterfront Toronto's Quayside bid - at a steep discount - to relocate Google's Richmond Street branch office to prime waterfront land. 

This is not how we do business in Toronto.  We will be there to ask Waterfront Toronto to be strong stewards of our public assets.  Please join us if you are able: 12 PM at 20 Bay Street, 13th Floor!

Climate change: Last week, The Guardian broke a news story outlining how Google and other Big Tech companies have sent "substantial" political contributions to organizations that "campaigned against climate legislation, questioned the need for action, or actively sought to roll back Obama-era environmental protections." People close to the company suggested these contributions were made "to try to influence conservative lawmakers, and – most importantly – to help finance the de-regulatory agenda the groups espouse." Earlier this year, however, an investigative piece by Gizmodo revealed the direct ties between Google and other big tech companies to the oil and gas industry, aimed at "streamlining, improving, and rendering oil and gas extraction operations more profitable"



This week, Amnesty International launched a call to action around the Sidewalk Labs proposal.  Citing concerns with the impact of widespread surveillance on human rights and freedom of association at the site, the Amnesty letter calls on decision makers from Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto to make sure "rights holders... have control over whether and how new tech is used, not big data."

Please sign and share with your networks!

If you have initiatives you'd like us to share, let us know: blocksidewalk.ca/contact


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